Kathrina Moehlman


Age: 25
Where are you from/ grew up: Born in Cebu, Phlippines and raised in Nanaimo (Vancouver Island)
Profession: Actor
Training: Film diploma, Fitzmaurice voice & body work

Past Projects: Indie film features/shorts & TV series, modelling

Current projects: Acting, running for ms. Vancouver, body paint modelling

Artist you admire and why:
Anna May Wong – she dared to pursue her dream despite all the racial/social discrimination towards her during her time and succeeded because of the love for the work. She held no anger or resentment to those who judged or thought little of her. A very beautiful woman. She changed history for all Asians in the film industry.

A project you would love to do:
I would absolutely love to do a period piece! In theatre or film.